About Us

Name                              Stichting The Healthy Vine Trust

RSIN                               8180.15.974

Post address                   Postbus 74, 2250 AB, Voorschoten

email                              info@healthy-vine.org

Objectives                      To improve family health, sanitation and general wellbeing in rural African communities.

Method                           We live and work in the community. The community, village, group or school are involved in                                             the activity conception development and realisation. They contribute at all stages including                                             the resource to build

Programme scope          The main focus areas in the programme are:
-              Health and Sanitation in families and schools with an emphasis on malaria                                 prevention.
-              Accessible clean water supply in every village within the programme
-              Providing support to the Parish Health Centre in co-operation with the District Health                 Authority.
-              Life skills in the parish schools.
-              Construction and equipping of a village school.
-              Assisting other schools in the parish in their development.
-              Supporting a limited number of underprivileged children.

Renumeration policy     No salaries are paid to the members of the The Healthy Vine Trust based in Europe. 
 Ugandan Field Workers receive a monthly allowances.