The Healthy Vine focus is to help rural communities in Uganda to develop, by using as much as possible of their own resources and capabilities. Initially we visit the families to ascertain their needs, outline the programme, explain our focus and that if they want, we are there to work with them. 


Our focus is family health and wellbeing, with a focus on malaria prevention thus forming the core of the community development programme. Sustainability is our goal. Meaning that the communities we work with accept the programme as theirs, taking ownership and control.


For this they must be equipped with the tools for the job. The tools take different forms.  The main ones are knowledge and education. Above you can see the full scope of the programme we have developed with the community of Sekamuli and Kiteme. The Healthy Vine is supported by Stichting The Healthy Vine Trust in the Netherlands and The Healthy Vine e.V. in Germany.