Future Plans

Sekamuli Parish is well established and the community development association (CDA) is progressively taking over responsibility from the Healthy Vine. In the coming years we expect to.

  • Complete the 3 boreholes sunk in Kiteme parish.
  • Provide, in Kiteme, at least 12 other village boreholes in the coming 4 years.
  • Construct teacher’s accommodation at Mputte School.
  • Construct a third classroom block for 3 classrooms.
  • Possibly resume supply and distribution of mosquito nets depending on the government ongoing programme.
  • Support schools in the development of more sanitary conditions (latrines, hand washing etc).

As a result of the Healthy Vine programme Sekamuli Parish was recognised as the leading parish in terms of health and sanitation our aim is to bring Kiteme up to the same level.