Sekamuli Health Centre and Maternity Unit (completed)
The Healthy Vine has equipped this facility with solar power, enabling 24 hour service and a solar fridge for vaccinations, rainwater catchment, equipped the maternity unit with eight beds, 2 delivery beds and a baby incubator.
Pig Project  (completed)
The pig project was established by a women's group to demonstrate income generation...

Coffee Project (completed)
Providing drought and disease resistant young plants to the coffee farmers. The project comprises mature resistant trees used for cuttings to develop in the nursery and then sold to coffee farmers.
Fruit Project (completed)
Orange, mango, advocado, banana. Seasonal crops such as beans, onions, tomatoes etc. are also grown. The project also assists other farmers and schools with outreach.

Goat Project (completed)
The Community Health Workers (CHWs) income generation project is in fact over 40 household projects in the community.
Boreholes  (completed)
In the absence of a natural clean water source the Healthy Vine has drilled and installed a total 12 village boreholes throughout the parish

Schools  (completed)
The Healthy Vine has built a science laboratory and 2 classrooms for Sekamuli Secondary School. We have built 2 classroom blocks comprising 7 classrooms for Mputte Primary School. 5 latrines and wash areas have been constructed for schools in Sekamuli.