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Stichting Healthy Vine Trust

Chairman Nicholas Jeremy Thomas
Director Jeremy John Dennett

Marrie Den Breems






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Stichting Healthy Vine Trust (Uganda)

Chairman Nelson Kawayla
Director Jeremy John Dennett

Ngirente Robert



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Stichting The Healthy Vine Trust






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To improve family health, sanitation and general wellbeing in rural African communities.


Per Article 2 of the Constitution -

The objectives of the Organisation are:

  1. To improve the general health and well-being of rural communities in Uganda by means of a holistic approach.
  2. Encourage and enable the communities to establish Community Based Organisations (C.B.O)’s in order to be able to sustain the programmes economically without outside assistance.
  3. To perform all further acts that relate to the above in the widest sense of the word or that may be conducive to this.
  4. That the community will through the CBO take control and run the programmes once it is fully operational.



The Organisation realises its objectives through the following methods:

  1. Tackling public health issues including water related illnesses such as malaria, cholera and diarrhoea.
  2. Train Community Health Workers and inform community/opinion leaders such as Traditional Birth Attendees, Traditional Healers and Lay Preachers on family and community health.
  3. Promote the supply of good quality water.
  4. Improve agricultural practices.
  5. Address adult literacy.
  6. Introduce various practices to encourage cooperation within the community
  7. Teach young people from an early age to take responsibility for their actions.

Progressively implement community ownership working towards community control.



Programme Scope

The main focus areas in the programme are:

  • Health and Sanitation in families and schools with an emphasis on malaria prevention.
  • Accessible clean water supply in every village within the programme.
  • Providing support to the Parish Health Centre in co-operation with the District Health.


  • Life skills in the parish schools.
  • Construction and equipping of a village school.
  • Assisting other schools in the parish in their development.
  • Supporting a limited number of underprivileged children.


Renumeration Policy


No salaries are paid to the members of the The Healthy Vine Trust based in Europe. None of the board members, or volunteers based in Europe, receive any payment or compensation (financial or otherwise) of any kind. Ugandan Field Workers receive monthly allowances.





Funding is received from private donors, churches and other charitable organisations. It is deposited into a bank account in The Netherlands and is then spent solely in accordance with the objectives and purpose of The Healthy Vine Trust (as set out above).