Annual Summary 2022

How our money was used in 2022  
The programmes prime focus is community health and sanitation in families and schools.  
The ongoing work is within the community which includes monitoring and supporting  
the work of the voluntary CHW's (community health workers) in 14 villages,  
Monitoring all villages Water Committees, Teaching in schools about family health   
and sanitation, meeting and working with village chairpersons.   
 In 2022 this included supervision of a school latrine construction for Landmark  
Primary School, installation of 3 village boreholes,   

Initial training of community association training for Sekamuli Parish.


Date Reason for payment
24-01-2022 Salary payment for staff engaged in community work and supervision of   
  Kiteme borehole placing and latrine construction 1,085 
21-02-2022 Stage payment for ongoing work for placing of 3 boreholes in Kiteme Parish  
  and Landmark Primary School latrine 4,584 
23-03-2022 Salary payment for staff engaged in community work and supervision of   
  borehole placing, purchasing of building materials for Mputte Teachers   
  accommodation. Borehole placing. 2,660 
14-04-2022 Salary payment for staff engaged in community work and supervision of borehole   
  placing and construction of Mputte Teachers Accommodation. 1,242 
14-04-2022 Final payment for supply and installation of Kiteme boreholes 1,941 
28-04-2022 Health Centre shower for maternity unit, replacement delivery bed, field workers   
  shoes and emptying Mputte School latrine.   3,200 
23-05-2022 Salary payment for staff engaged in community work, supervision of Mputte  
  Teachers accommodation construction 1,348 
31-05-2022 School fees for disadvantaged children 645 
27-06-2022 Staff salaries (staff increased by 1 person), office costs and office rental  
  Inspection and take over from contractor of Teachers accommodation 1,773 
20-07-2022 Staff salaries, bonus and office costs (annual increase of salaries of 15%) 1,413 
23-08-2022 Disadvantaged children school fees 662 
16-09-2022 September salaries, community work  and office costs 1,536 
24-10-2022 October salaries, community work and office costs 1,617 
28-11-2022 November salaries, purchasing of materials and supervision for Mputte school   
  3rd classroom block and office costs 1,543 
19-12-2022 December salaries, Purchasing and supervision of construction of  3 classroom block and office costs 1,575

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