Annual Summary 2023

How our money was used in 2023  
The ongoing work of Healthy Vine Field workers is within the community. It includes monitoring   
and supporting the work of the voluntary CHW's (Community Health Workers) in 16 villages.  
Training and monitoring the village Water Committees, Teaching in the local schools about  
family and community health and sanitation. Meeting and working with community leaders.  
In 2023 this included supervision of the construction for a 3rd Classroom block for Mputte Primary.  
Primary School and  installation of Solar lighting for teachers accommodation. Ongoing training of   

Parish Community  Association.


Date Reason for payment
27-01-2023 January staff salaries for staff engaged in community work, purchasing of materials  
  arranging delivery of materials and supervision of construction of 3rd classroom  
  block, office costs, rental, disadvantaged children's school fees. 2,677 
22-02-2023 February salaries for staff, office costs, community work including community  
  meetings, refresher training of Village Water Committees. Construction supervision 1,350 
23-03-2023 March salaries and office costs, supervision and further purchasing and construction  
  of 3rd classroom block for Mputte School. 1,600 
27-04-2023 April salaries, office costs, supervision and construction of 3rd Classroom block  
  village meetings with community and village water committees 1,045 
29-05-2023 May salaries, office costs, disadvantaged children's school fees, supervision of  
  classroom block construction. 2,200 
26-06-2023 June salaries, office costs, purchase of motor cycle for field worker, ongoing   
  construction supervision   2,691 
26-07-2023 July salaries, office costs, painting of 3rd classroom block and final inspection of  
  same. 1,600 
28-07-2023 Field workers study fees 540 
23-08-2023 August salaries, office costs, community meetings and CHW refresher courses 1,600 
27-09-2023 September salaries, office costs, disadvantaged children's school and medical costs,   
  meetings with Luweero District Water Department and Education Department. 2,232 
27-10-2023 October Salaries, office costs, community meetings and NGO operating license with   
  Luweero District. 1,820 
20-11-2023 November salaries, office costs, community meetings, CHW meetings 1,820 
22-12-2023 Salaries, annual bonus, office costs, CHW meeting and party 1,232 



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